More VTT Assets

This page collects the (unofficial!) VTT assets I’ve created for third-party TTRPG adventures I’ve run and enjoyed. If you’re looking for my own 1shot adventures and their VTT assets, check out the Complete List of Adventures.

The job was routine, the money fair. Then the damn company diverted you to answer a distress call from a ship that disappeared almost 80 years ago—a derelict carrying something bizarre, twisted, and alien. Watch my tips on how to run this one.

THE CORPSE THAT LOVE BUILT (Dungeon Crawl Classics)
Several citizens have been abducted – some never to been seen again, while others are found as corpses, often with missing limbs...

CREEP, SCRAG, CREEP! (Dungeon Crawl Classics)
The ship is adrift and a crew is dead. When the passengers of the Star of Nostro awaken, drugged and bound, and discover the crew is missing, a desperate race for survival begins. Watch my review.

When they receive word of strange drownings in a faraway farm, the investigators must solve an unsettling mystery drenched with desire, unrequited love, and old dark magic. Watch my review.

DEATH ACROSS THE NILE (Trail of Cthulhu)
The investigators have arrived in Egypt to assist with an expedition to the mysterious Third Pyramid, said to be the resting place of the legendary Queen Nitocris. Unfortunately, a nightmarish power is reaching for one of them- across the Nile, and across the millennia… Watch my review.

The PCs find themselves crossing the Great Salt Flats of Utah when they stumble across an ancient Spanish galleon miles from any ocean. Watch my review.

Fame and fortune await in Baron Fenmarc’s Prize Tourney, the largest tournament in the land! But this year, someone else is attending his festival – a base villain, plotting to ruin Fenmarc and seize control of his barony. Can this evil Mastermind be unmasked in time to stop his diabolical plan and save the barony? Watch my review.

JUNGLE TOMB OF THE MUMMY BRIDE (Dungeon Crawl Classics / 5E)
In the hell-pit of this centuries old tomb, the accursed Mummy Bride lies in wait, perverted by wonders of black magic and cult sacrifice… to unleash a horror beyond imagination! Watch my review.

MACDEATH (System Agnostic / 5E)
It is a time of darkness. The Highlands are under attack from without and within. Macdonwald, the traitorous Thane of Cawdor, has conspired with the people of Nynorsk seeking to overthrow the good King Duncan. 

For twenty years, Astabar’s Manor sat abandoned, gaining notoriety as a cursed place of magic and danger. Watch my review.

Welcome to beautiful Mölle, a city by the sea, known to many as “the heart of sin” – and now also for cold- blooded murder. Found in Vaesen’s The Wicked Secret supplement. Watch my review.

NIGHT TRAIN (Deadlands)
Our gunslingers’ next adventure finds them in the town of Varney Flats just as the ominous Night Train rolls into town. Watch my review.

The death of a preacher leads the characters to the rocky western archipelago, where something strange is afoot on Wrecker Isle. Found in Vaesen’s The Wicked Secret supplement. Watch my review.

TOMB OF THE SAVAGE KINGS (Dungeon Crawl Classics)
Portnelle’s most popular and wealthy socialite, the widow Zita Aztur, has approached the PCs in a desperate plea for assistance. Zita’s sister Isobel has gone missing! Watch my review.