Savage Fantasy Sandbox – Roar of the Terrorghorger

In previous posts, I’ve said how much I enjoy savage fantasy — fantasy adventures set on the primeval edges of the world, where life is cheap and magic is weird and dangerous. Conan’s Hyboria, Warhammer’s Old World, and Dark Sun are rife with savage potential. Sandbox adventures are especially appropriate for savage fantasy. A sandbox […]

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1Shot Reviews – Fantasy Edition

Part of the job of running a site full of self-authored RPG adventures is making sure I find time to play other creators’ great adventures! Recently, I had the opportunity to run two great fantasy adventures (light spoilers ahead!): Creep Scrag Creep Review Dungeon Crawl Classics is my favorite OSR-style games. It feels so much […]

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5 Ways to Make Urban Adventures Great – The Moon of Thorns

Fantasy roleplaying games are home to many magnificent, fictional cities. From the sprawling metropolises of Waterdeep, Lankhmar, and Sigil to the corrupt and insidious Arkham, Menzoberranzan, and Bögenhafen, these great cities connect players and stitch campaigns together. How many adventurers have had an ale in Baldur’s Gate? How many investigators have saved Arkham from cosmic […]

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