Complete List of Adventures

This page acts as a Table of Contents for all the adventures available on the blog. Enjoy!

The Black Mine of Teihiihan (Old West Horror)
Stranded in the desert and surrounded by hostile bandits, the PCs discover an ancient curse that threatens darkness upon the land.

Cold Bounty (Fantasy)
On the trail of a vile criminal, the PCs become stranded in a frigid mountain range that is home to both a legendary lost vault and an unaging wizard seeking newfound glory.

Feast of Odoacer (Roman Horror)
With Ravenna on the very precipice of collapse, King Odoacer sends the PCs on a desperate mission to save his rule.

Harry Potter and the Warlock’s Tunnel
A beloved prefect has disappeared and a sinister force has found a secret way into Hogwarts… only a handful of brave second year students can prevent tragedy at Hogwarts.

The Honey Tree of Pelion (Mythic Greece)
A festival to the gods has gone terribly awry, and the PCs must journey far across the land to save their kingdom.

Martian Awakenings (Steampunk)
Inspired by the old videogame Martian Dreams, the PCs awaken on the distant planet of Mars, where they discover that some of Earth’s greatest minds have been kidnapped!

The Strange & Sunken Fate of Karl Heinrich (Horror)
A sequel to H.P. Lovecraft’s The Temple, the PCs dive deep into the ocean to recover a German submarine thought to be lost. Little do they know that their expedition will awaken a mysterious god’s servants.

The Third Hall of Uzrah (Arabian Nights / al-Qadim)
The legendary prince Uzrah left seven great halls filled with fantastic treasure. No one has ever found any of his halls… until now.