Complete List of Adventures (OSR and 5E)

This page acts as an index for all the free 5E (and other D&D and OSR variants, like OId School Essentials) available on the blog. If you enjoy one of these adventures, please leave a comment or tweet me @SageThalcos. Enjoy!

BEYOND THE VALE OF MADNESS (Fantasy Solo Adventure)
Once every seven years, a mysterious castle emerges in the icy mountains. A lone adventurer sets out to find her fortune… Learn More

On the trail of a vile criminal, the PCs become stranded in a frigid mountain range that is home to both a legendary lost vault and an unaging wizard seeking newfound glory. Learn More.

Days before the Alamo is doomed to fall, Commander Travis sends some of his best scouts out to raid one of Santa Anna’s supply trains. Soon, the heroes discover a nearby valley where Santa Anna lost three big ol’ cannons – cannons big enough to save the Alamo. But there’s surprises to be found in the lost valley…

THE DRAGON’S DEMISE (Fantasy Solo Adventure)
No one has a good reason to explore the Vast Vermin Swamp. No one except for you. The treacherous swamp claimed the life of your grandfather a few weeks ago. Your grandfather had dug up the fabled Celestial Emerald from a sunken temple, and then was unceremoniously eaten by a black serpent dragon. The dragon was slain days later… and the emerald still lies in its carcass… Learn More.

Bjørgvin’s greatest raider has been stranded in a cold inlet far to the north, his longboat splintered and his best men wounded. A group of Vikings sets out to bring him home, but once they reach this lonely place, they discover that they’ve walked into the haunted land of an old king that defied the gods. Learn More or watch the YouTube summary.

A festival to the gods has gone terribly awry, and the heroes must journey far across the land to save their kingdom. Their destination is the legendary Mt. Pelion, home to the divine tree that can remove the curse that has fallen upon the land. Learn More.

Set in 15th century Germany, the PCs discover that an insidious witch has taken vengeance against a powerful bishop and his illegitimate son. Forced to find the bishop before the witch strikes again, the PCs must travel a dangerous road infested by outlaws, traitorous rebels, and bizarre creatures from folklore. Learn More or watch the YouTube summary.

Carac the Thorn is the most wanted man in Tredroy, a byzantine and cosmopolitan city which lies at the border of three great nations. Having assaulted a baron and embarrassed his soon-to-be wife, Carac has disappeared into the shadows. Fresh to the city, the PCs are asked to track down the hoodlum. Little do they know that they are about to stumble into the plans of a secretive death cult, which is finalizing the scheme they started centuries ago. Learn More.

NEVER FORGET TO DIE (1960s Espionage)
The Soviets have sourced a powerful amnesia drug, lethepoxide from a secretive inventor. After months of searching, MI:6 has discovered the middleman for the drug. Elite agents must parachute on to a luxury cruise ship to find the name of the inventor. From there, the agents are embroiled in a global race with the KGB to find the scientist and stop him from selling the drug… or persuade him he’s selling to the wrong side! Learn More.

QUEEN OF THE RED CITY (Savage Fantasy / Conan)
Years ago, the vile pirate captain Jal Z’thngora vanished on a primordial island said to hold the treasures of ancient Zhemri princes. In this Hyborian sandbox adventure, the PCs rediscover this lost jungle island, where they hope to discover – and avoid – his black fate. Learn More.

A fearless band of merchants has sailed all the way to the Vampire Coast, where they hope to sell a hundred crates of rare wine to a gracious vampire lord. But such deals are not made easily, and soon the merchants find themselves stranded in the jungles of Lustria. Now, they are surrounded by primeval monsters, stalked by savage lizardmen, and desperate to make their way back home. Learn More.

THE SIREN’S CITADEL (Pirate Swashbucklers)
Fresh off a disastrous privateering expedition, the heroes are stranded on the Caribbean island of Nevis and pressured to perform a dangerous hostage exchange for the desperate English governor. However, they soon end up in a race to discover the island’s mysterious Secret Citadel, where they are drawn into one of the world’s most scandalous events! Learn More or watch the YouTube summary.

The teens of Oak Harbor all know the legend of the Goblin-Thing, a creature that swims in the nearby waters, eats the heads of seals, and collects treasure from the sunken wreckage of the Mosquito Fleet. But when their best friend has vanished after claiming to have found the Goblin-Thing’s loot, they have to spring into action to rescue him, dodge a dangerous fugitive, and avoid a century-old curse. Learn More or watch the YouTube summary.

THE THIRD HALL OF UZRAH (Arabian Nights / al-Qadim)
The legendary prince Uzrah left seven great halls filled with fantastic treasure. No one has ever found any of his halls… until now. The PCs must travel into a mysterious and dangerous canyon to find the hidden location of Uzrah’s wondrous hall. Learn More.

THRUSHER MANOR (17th Century Horror)
In 1680, Duke Montmorency was exiled from Versailles to St. Médard, a private island where hedonism, black magic, and vice ran rampant. Years later, when contact with St. Médard is lost, the PCs are dispatched to find out what happened to the island’s infamous guests Learn More or watch the YouTube summary.