Complete List of Adventures (Other RPGs)

This page acts as an index for all the free adventures available on the blog that are not Call of Cthulhu, GURPS, or D&D. If you enjoy one of these adventures, please leave a comment or tweet me @SageThalcos. Also, if you’d like to help port any of the adventures on the site to your favorite system, lemme know! Enjoy!

When revenge-happy gang leader Fickle Reefurb found out his girl was stolen by celebrity musician Amethyst, he hires dozens of street toughs, wannabe gangsters, and legit assassins to kill the star before the release of his big new album. Complicating the PCs’ mission are violent competitors, betrayals, and corporate minions who have their own ulterior motives. Learn More.

A full-scale, Nazi temporal invasion interrupts the day, and soon a maniacal German scientist and his chronal duplicates seeking to trigger World War III! Too afraid that temporal accidents will fling modern weaponry back to the past, the government calls in an expendable supers team to stop the villain and clean up this mess before his vision of doomsday is triggered. Learn More.

Set 30,000 years ago, somewhere in Europe, long before the dawn of civilization. Weeks before winter sets in, the PCs witness their tribal leader captured by a mysterious, rival tribe. Fearful that their tribe will be doomed without his leadership, they set out to rescue their chief in the haunted Forest of Howling Sorrows. Learn More or watch the YouTube summary.

A beloved prefect has disappeared and a sinister force has found a secret way into Hogwarts… only a handful of brave second year students can prevent tragedy at Hogwarts. Learn More or watch the YouTube summary.

THE LOST JEWELS OF EIRE (Pulp / Cliffhangers)
Thrust into a frantic race to find the long-lost Irish Crown Jewels, the PCs must escape vengeful gangsters, fend off a mysterious cult, rescue a Romanian princess, and then infiltrate a secret cabal of master thieves… all before the Third Reich can get their hands on the legendary treasure! Learn More or watch the YouTube summary.

NEVER FORGET TO DIE (1960s Espionage)
The Soviets have sourced a powerful amnesia drug, lethepoxide from a secretive inventor. After months of searching, MI:6 has discovered the middleman for the drug. Elite agents must parachute on to a luxury cruise ship to find the name of the inventor. From there, the agents are embroiled in a global race with the KGB to find the scientist and stop him from selling the drug… or persuade him he’s selling to the wrong side! Learn More.

THE PHANTOM JUNGLE (Pulp / Cliffhangers)
After being betrayed and stranded in the jungles of Peru, the heroes are desperate to return back to civilization. However, standing in their way is not only the wilds of the jungle, but also desperate revolutionaries, a ruthless jetpacking mercenary, an old Confederate ironclad, and a shocking secret sealed inside a forgotten temple. Can you survive The Phantom Jungle? Learn More or watch the YouTube summary.

QUEEN OF THE RED CITY (Savage Fantasy / Conan)
Years ago, the vile pirate captain Jal Z’thngora vanished on a primordial island said to hold the treasures of ancient Zhemri princes. In this Hyborian sandbox adventure, the PCs rediscover this lost jungle island, where they hope to discover – and avoid – his black fate. Learn More.

A fearless band of merchants has sailed all the way to the Vampire Coast, where they hope to sell a hundred crates of rare wine to a gracious vampire lord. But such deals are not made easily, and soon the merchants find themselves the victims of treachery. Now stranded in the jungles of Lustria, they are surrounded by primeval monsters, stalked by savage lizardmen, and desperate to make their way back home. Learn More.

THE SIREN’S CITADEL (Pirate Swashbucklers)
Fresh off a disastrous privateering expedition, the heroes are stranded on the Caribbean island of Nevis and pressured to perform a dangerous hostage exchange for the desperate English governor. However, they soon end up in a race to discover the island’s mysterious Secret Citadel, where they are drawn into one of the world’s most scandalous events! Learn More or watch the YouTube summary.

After chasing a notorious bank robber across fascist Italy, the heroes stumble into the plans of a desperate and dangerous society of global conspirators. Soon, they are sent tomb raiding across Egypt in a race to find a secret that has been buried for thousands of years. Learn More or watch the YouTube summary.

A band of rogues and smugglers assemble to pull off the heist of a lifetime. The Imperials are evacuating the mining planet of Kortatka, and a vault of precious yellow spinpria is left nearly unguarded. And the one person in the galaxy with the keys to the vault just got stranded on the planet. Can the they pull off the perfect heist? Learn More.